Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Dozen a Day

Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs.

What to do with all these eggs  the chickens are beginning to lay
this time of year. Besides giving them away or selling to the local feed store
or feeding them to the dogs, or hatching them in the incubator for chicks,
I'd thought I'd try to cook up a dozen-a-day.

I'd start the day with Swedish pancakes or thin pancakes or crepes.
The batter calls for 5 eggs. That leaves 7 eggs.

Lunch could be egg salad or better yet make a cream pie with a meringue topping.
That would use another 4 eggs.  That leaves only 3 eggs.

For supper, cook a savory tart/quiche/frittata.
That would use at least another 4 eggs, so it is easier that I thought to cook up
a dozen-a-day.

Swedish pancakes with lingonberries

Recipe for the thin pancakes (tunnpannkakor)

5 eggs, 2 cups milk, 1 cup flour, dash salt, melted butter added to batter and
more melted butter to fry the pancakes in.

Beat eggs, add milk and flour and salt and beat until smooth. Beat in 3 T. butter.
Fry in butter on medium high heat. Fry one side then turn over very carefully to fry
the other side. Serve with any fresh fruit or maple syrup.
They can also be filled with a savory meat & vegetable filling for a lunch or supper dish.
This batter yields 5 large pancakes (9-10 inch depending on size of skillet)


  1. Yes! I was just about to email you about the crepes recipe. Remember when you used to make those every morning?

  2. I was wondering where my mom learned that recipe.

  3. Great, you both have the recipe now.
    Looking forward to you'll serving some
    when I come visit again. :)